Libby leads several long-lived jazz groups which are described here. To make an enquiry about booking any of Libby's groups, please fill out our simple online form.


Libby's small groups range from a duo to a quintet and draw from a repertoire of over 450 jazz, cabaret, lounge and Latin songs. The line-ups of Libby's small groups are very flexible, and the many possibilities are described below, and also in depth in this Detailed Explanation of Small Group Lineups. If you're still not sure which group will suit your event or you would prefer to chat to us about it instead, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Long-time fans will know Libby's small groups by the name of Hip Mo' Toast, and indeed one of these groups (the quintet) won the 2000 Perth Jazz Society Award in recognition of "artistic excellence in performance and outstanding contribution by a group in the area of innovation and jazz advocacy" and won the Western Australian Music Industry Association Award for Best Original Jazz Act for six consecutive years (2000 - 2005). Under the name of Hip Mo' Toast, the quintet has enjoyed performance highlights such as the Perth International Festival Verandah Club (2004), luxury ocean liner MV Europa (2004, 2007), Fremantle International Jazz Festival (2001), South Perth Fiesta (2001, 2002, 2003), the Geraldton Sea Jazz Spectacular (1998, 1999, 2000), York Jazz Festival (1998, 2008) and the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival in Rome, Italy as a part of an international Western Australian Jazz Showcase (2006). In 2011 and for the fifth year running, the quintet will lead the City Of Fremantle's Carols By Candlelight Concert which is attended by thousands. In addition to regular performances for the Perth Jazz Society and Jazz Fremantle, the quintet has supported Grace Knight (1998), Frank Bennett (1998) and George and Jon Lord with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (2003). In a trio format, Libby's small groups have performed regularly for lunchtime concerts at His Majesty's Theatre and at the ever-popular Sundays at Subi. The Libby Hammer Trio has supported Engelbert Humperdinck (1999), Dionne Warwick (2000) and Vince Jones (2004).

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More recently, the name Hip Mo' Toast has become synonymous with the largest of Libby's ensembles, the Hip Mo' Toast Big Band.


The 14-piece Hip Mo' Toast Big Band made its debut performance at the Perth Zoo's Centenary celebration in 1998 and within a year, was playing a Friday residency at the Greenwich Bar, followed by a 15-month residency at the Varga Lounge in Northbridge (see footage!). Nowadays the big band's repertoire boasts a library of over 300 arrangements, from Dixieland to the blues-based pop of the fabulous fifties, and all that jazz in between. Even to the unconverted, the music of the Hip Mo' Toast Big Band is totally accessible and enjoyable, as scores of fans will testify. Performance highlights include the Subiaco Classical Jazz Festival (2001), Anzac Day Ball (2004), Victory In The Pacific Day (2005), Joondalup Festival (2008) and for repeat performances at the Nocturnal Industry Ball and Perth Jazz Society as well as numerous gala events, outdoor concerts, festivals and for many distinguished private clients including a high society wedding in Singapore (2007). In December of 2003 the Hip Mo' Toast Big Band released ‘Mischievous Girl' - a full-length big band studio album featuring many of the band members' original compositions and some very special guests. Since 2008, the Hip Mo' Toast Big Band has been performing annual Australia Day concerts at the Quarry Amphitheatre, the repertoire for which (big band jazz interpretations of Aussie rock songs!) will be featured on a brand new album due for release mid-2011.

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The Mistletones [2003]The Mistletones is an a cappella vocal quartet that was formed in 1997 to sing carols for the City Of Perth. Since then they have performed regularly at Christmas concerts and holiday parties all over Perth, including the Perth Jazz Society, Princess Margaret Hospital and the Perth Zoo. Being led by a jazz vocalist, The Mistletones' repertoire is bound to be a little different from your usual Christmas carol fare. Their breezy doo-wop sound is so far away from the ice and snow, you'll think you're at a fifties' beach party on Christmas Island! Of course, the Mistletones can also perform traditional Christmas favourites, so we've got everyone covered!

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The Hammer Nine, also called the 'combo' is Libby's newest group. In fact, it's so new, you may need to check that we're even up and running (contact us!). The 9-piece combo offers clients an option between the quintet and the big band, and does have a range of jazz repertoire, but this group differs from the others in that it plays primarily soul, blues and funk music. Ow! Hot damn.

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In addition to these regularly working ensembles, Libby also has performed an impressive list of short-run shows, many of which can be remounted with just a few weeks' notice.